Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Keeping a Promise to myself!

Ok, so I kinda promised myself I would post here once a month.  AND since the month will be over with day after tomorrow, I figured I better get busy. (I wonder how many other bloggers post a sentence with that content?)  Anyway...
Lest you all think I am just sitting around doing nothing I thought I would include a few highlights since I last posted in May.
1. Cleaned up the yard from 5+ years of sticky balls from the Sweet Gum trees, planted grass and watched it grow...literally! 

2. Planted and nurtured my garden (first one in probably 25 years!)  Harvested a few radishes, and several "grape" tomatoes, and 1 onion.  There is more to come, and I'll have to get better at this Oklahoma gardening stuff.

3. Lived thru a tornado and we're still cleaning up and making repairs from that one.
4. Finished knitting two pairs of socks. Here's the best pair, the others were for an online class and I used scrap yarn.
5. Cast on a shawl with the intention of wearing with a special dress I got to attend the June weddings that multiplied on my calendar, but I didn't get it finished.
6. Attended 2 of the 3 weddings that were on the calendar for the month of June (the tornado and other issues prevented us from getting to the 3rd one)
7. And now I have cast on another pair of sock intended to first get entered in the Oklahoma State Fair and then be given as a gift. 
(I'm also working on spinning some FinnSheep fiber and some pretty red stuff for entry into the Fair also)
8. I have also been working with the Rock Island Arts Festival on a couple of fundraisers and then getting the artisans lined up for the actual festival which is scheduled for Sept 30-Oct 1.

Now I'm off to Chicagoland and then North for the 4th.  
I can't wait to breath in that pine filled air and take a sauna...it's been way too long!

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soxchik said...

Once a month is a doable commitment. It's also a great way to keep track of what you've accomplished.