Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Redo! Redesigned, Refocused, Ready, Set, Gooooo!

After following several of my friends blogs here lately, I decided it was about time I return to mine. After all it's been almost a year and a half!
Now I'm not planning on making daily entries that's for sure, but I'll work at coming up with something more profound a couple times a goes!


Mike said...

oops.....what happened as i was writing, everything disappeared. As i was saying when i was interrupted...I knew you were back in Oklahoma but not sure what you were doing. I retired officially December 31 and OMG I am so glad to be relieved from the stress of the job and I know you know what I am talking about. Tell what you are doing and what you are up to with your new Director of Design program. Would love to hear from you. Karen Morgan

ChelleC said...

Great to learn you are going to blog again. Blogs are still my favorite way of communicating a good message, with photos. Looking forward to your posts.