Tuesday, October 14, 2008

14 October 2008 - Gettin' Ready

I picked this beautiful purple color to write tonight because it reminds me of butterflies.

Am I getting "hooked" or what?

Today in Wal-Mart I was walking down the aisle and a pair of butterfly earings caught my eye. I was soon wandering throughout the jewelry department and found five more pairs of butterfly earings. I quickly became aware that I will need to be disciminating in my butterfly collecting or I will soon become overwhelmed. There is no shortage of Butterflies on anything and everything!

I will really have to get down to business and start some kind of packing tomorrow, not sure what I did today...oh yeah, dinked around with the unemployment office and their forms that I neede to fill out to prove I wasn't cheating them out of any money because I have substitute taught 4 days in the last six weeks! I know, I know...I'm over it now.

Then I spent a better part of the day working on the first draft of the registration brochure for the 2009 American Indian Scouting Association seminar brochure. I am on the PR/communications committee again this year and doing the layout/design of the brochure for the 4 year. I really enjoy being able to do this project. Hopefully I can even get to the seminar next summer. It is going to be held in Pocatello/Ft. Hall, Idaho. Idaho is one of the states I have not been able to visit. (there are not very many of them, I counted once, but can't remember right now) Anyway, it would be nice to go up there and see in person the beautiful scenery that I have only seen in pictures.

I'm drawing a blank for any more comments, besides I read that Blogspot is gonna be off line for a bit sometime this evening, so I might as well get this posted and move on!

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