Wednesday, September 17, 2008

17 September 2008 - Work?, Work?, what's that?

Yep, I actually WORKED (outside the home) today! YEAH!!! Chickasha Public Schools called me to substitute teach today. It was only half a day, but I had a great time. Because of a previously arranged commitment (see next paragraph), I could only work the half day, but they really needed the bodies, so they took what they could get. I was at the middle school subbing for Mr. Lassiter, Geography and History. Good thing it was Constitution Day, Channel One has a program (15 minutes), discussion about constitutional right to vote at age 18 and who in the classroom would be 18 by the next Presidential election in 2012 (5 minutes), attendance (3 minutes), rest of class time spent doing word search and/or crossword puzzle on the constitution (left by the teacher)...Whew! I do it again someday. Even had Shalonda's son Jimmani in my 3rd hour class, think I took him by surprize that I knew his name, until he figured out who I was.

Now about that previous commitment mentioned above...Tuesday I made arrangement to go down to Wichita Falls, TX, on Wednesday, to meet with the Executive Committee of the River Bend Nature Center, for my second interview for the Executive Director postion with this organization. I feel it went very well, I'll let you know the end results someday soon.

So as a result, not much creative stuff happened today. I did get a chapter read in my book at my lunch break at school :-)

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ChelleC said...

I have an Elementary Ed degree and used to substitute teach when my daughter was young. Sounds like you've moved onto other things now.